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What if you could personalize your shopping experience?

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You Choose Product

Through 60seconds app find your favorite brands and select the item you like.

You Suggest Price

Request for a discount for the item you like. Remember you have to wait for a approval from your favorite brand.

Brand Decides When It Would Be Sold To You

When it comes your turn, you will get a notification. Be ready to play, you will get 60seconds to buy your favorite item for the price you asked for.

Buy from your favorite influencers

Quick and easy, in three clicks. Select item, size, color from the influencer’s profile.

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Register your store

Follow the easy registration process and in 7 days you will be ready to receive requests.

It's free

It's free to register. You have all the time in the world to prepare your 60seconds virtual brand store.

No inventory

Join us, and we will welcome your brand to the future without surplus inventory.

Forget everything you know about shopping.

60seconds is a new way of buying on sales. Love it, request it, buy it

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