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Go to the app store (for Apple iOS) or the Google Play Store (for Android) and download the app.

About us

60seconds is an online shopping app offering best-selling brands around the world. Now you're wondering, what's the catch since every other site is offering the same? We are user-centric. The old way of dealing with sales, black Fridays, and flash sale sites ends here. Now, you have the power.

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60seconds layout

Congrats, you are part of 60 seconds family. We designed our layout to be simple, no-frills, and easy to navigate. The key is to resist thinking too hard. Relax, and enjoy your shopping experience.

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Open the 60seconds app and tap Register. Enter your First name, Last name, Email, and Password. On the next screen, enter your Date of birth, Gender, Language and Country. Please enter the country where you live in, otherwise, you will not be able to send the request. Tap complete. Wait for a e-mail with a verification code. Then enter in the app again.

Explore it

Scroll through the brand panel and pick the brand best suited to your needs. You can swipe left to navigate from clothing, shoes, accessories, and 60hours. Access to thousands of products anytime, anywhere. Pick some brand, with one tab on it. Scroll through products page of the selected brand. To know more about any product, you can click on the product icon.

Request it

Confirm the details of the desirable item (color, size, discount), and press "Request". Done. 60seconds will inform brand about your request. You are now free to enjoy our app and request as many as you want products.

Buy it

Be ready for notification, the brand will surprise you. You will get only 60 seconds to buy the item for the discount that you asked for. If you fail, the product for which you sent the request brand will block for future request.

Enjoy it

You choose an item that you like, and most important you choose the price. Best part you are not timelimited. You don’t have to wait, request for a discount at any time, even for the new collection.

60 Hours

Discover your favorite suppliers' promotions. Send request, and the brand has to answer in 60hours.


Keep an eye on your order & logistics. Check your order status and talk to suppliers in-time. Keep yourself updated with the latest logistics status.

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