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Go to the app store (for Apple iOS) or the Google Play Store (for Android) and download the app.

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Target users before annual discounts, save on transportation and recycling, and at the same time realize a new kind of communication with customers and end-users.

Register it

Follow the easy registration process and in 7 days you will be ready to receive requests. It's free to register and we will not expose your brand to any customers until you prepare your 60 seconds store.

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Receive it

Receive requests for our users and accept only those you want, and when you want. You will have information before sales, on how many people desire your items in different countries around the globe, and at what price.

Track it

60seconds is a perfect tool for every brand since you can track and manage all requests, even after you approved or canceled it.

Reach even more people

60seconds would cut the crowds visiting shops in times of discounts, making life easier for employees and for buyers as well.

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New brand, a new chance for the discount

If you do not see your favorite brand in our application, write them an e-mail. Recommend them joining 60seconds. We welcome them on our platform.

Manage your store

Approve requests with one click. Get costumers contact and ship them right away. View results using the reporting dashboard and analyze via Excel export.

New store, new opportunity

When you register, you will be able to receive the requests for the discount and sell from costumers that are present only in your country.

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